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Portraits challenge what it means to be LGBT

These are just some of the many ways members of the LGBT community identify themselves in a beautiful photo series from San Francisco-based photographer Sarah Deragon.

Deragon’s “The Identity Project” has taken her around the country as she “seeks to explore the labels we choose to identify with when defining our gender and sexuality.” Her portraits show the amazing diversity and vibance of a queer community that for too long has been defined by outsiders.

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Swoon on them all

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I’m the same plain kind of bird as all the rest, with my common tale of woe.

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"i am not at all physically attracted to you"

is an absolutely valid reason to not want to date someone.

People had the nerve to call me shallow for this.

By the way, it’s also totally cool to turn someone down without explaining your reasons. You are not interested, no will suffice. Do not feel pressured to explain your decisions to someone else. 

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solalunaa asked: What are the health benefits of being vegan?



-You reduce your chance of diabetes.
-You can reverse heart disease.
-You can reduce our chances of getting heart disease.
-You can reduce your risk of bowel cancer.
-You won’t be pumping your body full of toxins, dioxins, mercury and PCBs.
-You have a lower chance of developing osteoporosis
-Eliminates all dietary cholesterol
-Reduced saturated fat.
-Added magnesium into your diet.
-Added antioxidants which protect your body against cancer.
-Added vitamin C.
-Phytochemicals which boost protective enzymes in the body.
-It’s beneficial to our blood pressure.
-It’s easier to follow than the standard Type 2 Diabetes diet.
-Can slow down and even reverse prostate cancer.
-It lowers the rate of breast cancer.
-It improves rheumatoid arthritis
-Aids people in having an average body mass index.
-Some people lose weight.
-Increases energy levels.
-Can relieve migraines.
-Provides the best kind of protein.
-No more worries about the 75% of the world who suffer lactose intolerance.
-No more worries about consuming E.Coli
-You can be a raw vegan, a fat free vegan, and a gluten free vegan whilst still being just as healthy. 
-Eating out can still be healthy.
-Making packed lunches can be just as healthy.
-You can make fantastic healthy dinners.
-You can still eat healthy desserts.
-You can still drink certain wines that go well with healthy vegan food.
-You can still have fun whilst you cook great healthy food!

And that’s not even half of it. :)

There isn’t a downside to being vegan. Literally.


Controversial Gun Control Campaign Shots

Moms Demand Action recently released a campaign showcasing the stance America has on gun control and tries to put it in perspective. Do you believe that these photos hit home or miss the point? 

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Photographer: Thomas Knights



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Redhead men can be hot too

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